Building company “Prestige Bud Style” is wide range enterprise specialized in industrial, administrative and housing construction by using assembly and construction technique.

Our company uses newest developments in science and technique, building materials and technologies which help us to correspond to worlds’ standards and satisfy the most refined requirements.

In the present form “Prestige Bud Style” was founded in 2005. Nevertheless we began our building activity in far 1995 (by company- precursor on which basis our enterprise was founded).

We have broad building experience on terms of general contract not only in Lvov but also around the whole Ukraine. Application of technological innovations, modern materials and unique industrial capacities, in contrast to other companies, gives us opportunity to propose complex approach to building of objects that is much innovative for home building market.

Such an approach gives us opportunity to construct even the most complicated architectural projects; to construct modern ventilation facades; on the basis of general contract we can realize industrial and housing building, construction of trade centers, administrative and bank “turn key” buildings; we can protect our customers from building related problems beginning from getting permitting documentation and elaboration of architectural concept to putting into operation ready-made objects, including installation of all engineering systems, interiors furnishing and equipping of adjoining territory with services and utilities.

The building company should correspond to determined sometimes very strict demands of modern business. But this doesn’t limit our possibilities. PBS’s building activity is open to all innovations and we confidently look into the future.