Load capacity from 10 to 28 tons. Boom departure from 12 to 28 m.

Truck crane services in Lviv

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Truck crane services in Lviv
Rental of a truck crane in Lviv is one of the most important activities on the market of special equipment. Because on the construction site the crane is always needed from earthworks (installation of blocks / installation of sewerage / pouring concrete) to the roof. Therefore, it can be argued that the lease of the Lviv truck crane is important and without it you can not do a lot of work on the construction site.
Construction and installation, loading and unloading works, all these works can be performed by ordering the services of the Lviv crane.

Why Prestige Bud Style?
Lviv truck crane services are an ideal opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have the opportunity to purchase new equipment. We have been on the market for 17 years. Many customers work with us on a regular basis, and therefore have their discounts.
The biggest advantage of cooperation with PBS is its own fleet of construction equipment in Lviv. This means only that you can order from us all the equipment needed to perform various construction tasks. The main thing is that when fulfilling the order, we guarantee the proper quality of work. Experienced mechanics will be behind the wheel. They have a lot of experience. It is worth noting that all equipment passes all inspections, as well as all the necessary permits and documents for special equipment and drivers confirming their qualifications.

If you want to get high-quality and inexpensive crane services in Lviv, call us at Prestige Bud Style, at +380986947488, we will provide you with the necessary advice and we will help you choose the crane for your needs.

We offer the following cars:
KS-3575 on the basis of Kraza, It is the truck crane, loading capacity which reaches 10 tons. This is the most powerful crane. The boom is 15.5 m long.
The KTA 25 crane on the basis of Maza, It is the truck crane which can lift weight to 25 tons. The machine can easily move heavy loads on the construction site, perform installation work or dismantle metal structures or equipment. The lady has a three-section boom crane length from 12 to 21.5 m. Lifting height 21.5 meters.
KTA 28 on the basis of Kraza. This is a truck crane that can lift up to 28 tons. Its length is from 9.7 to 21.5 meters + 5m goose (if necessary).

Please note that the cost of crane services in Lviv includes VAT. Prices may vary depending on the duration of the order of the Lviv crane service. We will rent a crane cheaply.
It is also worth noting that the crane can be rented in Lviv and the region. But in this case, the relocation is considered separately. The total cost depends on which crane you want to order in Lviv. However, renting a truck crane in Lviv will be cheap compared to buying a new one. The cost of renting a crane in Lviv includes fuel and the salary of a mechanic. We aim to offer customers individual terms of cooperation, so we set the price depending on the duration of the lease and carefully monitor the condition of special equipment.

What work can the crane do?
- installation work, namely blocks, metal structures, equipment, big boards, etc.
- Dismantling of buildings, metal structures, equipment.
- unloading and loading of materials.

What are the benefits for the crane service in Lviv?
Ability to move from one place to another;
Ability to take loads of different weights and volumes;
We provide the services of the Lviv truck crane with mechanisms that have different loads and boom departures, namely, in our fleet there are cranes from 10 to 28 tons, and boom reach reaches from 12 to 28 m.
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