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Length: from 17 to 22 m
Model: ZIL
Type of boom: cranked and telescopic.

Autotower services in Lviv

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Autotower services in Lviv

Aerial platform is a mechanism that is able to perform work both in the city and abroad. Aerial platforms are suitable for various tasks, such as installation / dismantling of electrical networks, air conditioners, chimney cleaning, tree pruning, window cleaning and other work. Our cars are equipped with booms from 18 to 22 meters, types: telescopic and cranked, and this in turn allows you to perform almost all types of work. So, it should be concluded that all the work that has come before you - rent a car lift Lviv will help to cope with them.

Features of ordering the Lviv car tower service

Rental of car lifts in Lviv is suitable for any field, most often ordered for facilities for:
- Electrical work and work with power lines;
- Installation of big boards;
- Installation of air conditioners;
- Pruning of trees;
- Warming of facades;
- Repair of beams;
- Roof repair;
- Chimney cleaning;
- Window cleaning;
- Repair of balconies;
- Installation of metal structures

This is not the whole list of works that can be done by renting a tower in Lviv. Load up to 250 kilograms and height up to 22 meters allows you to easily perform all these works. Thanks to these characteristics, the tower is perfect for work both in the city and abroad. Most often, the services of the Lviv tower are ordered for construction work.

Why should you order car lift services in Lviv at Prestige Bud Style?

Rental of the tower in Lviv is possible in Prestige Bud Style. To do this, you need to call the phone number listed on the site. We can offer the following terms of cooperation:
the price for one hour of work starts from 690 UAH. But you should keep in mind that you can rent a car for at least one shift - 8 hours;
the car lift is supplied and performed only by our driver, who has extensive experience as an operator;

If you need other special equipment, then you can use us with any mechanism you need for the object. If you do not know what you need, you can describe the work that needs to be done, and we will choose what you need. All equipment is regularly inspected in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, so you can be sure of the serviceability and reliability of our special equipment. Also, the company Prestige Bud Style, in addition to maintenance, has all the permits and licenses required for construction and high-risk work. We performed work at state-owned enterprises and landfills, where they underwent detailed control by the security service. Driving is not allowed at these facilities without proper permits and inspections, as well as drivers without the necessary qualifications.
We have our own fleet of special equipment, which means that you can order all the equipment from us and get a discount. During the work we are fully responsible for the serviceability.
How is the Lviv tower leased?
Call us at Prestige Bud Style, phone number +380986947488, we will provide you with the necessary advice and we will help you choose special equipment for your needs.
Is it possible to order special equipment without a machine operator?
No, all special equipment we provide is delivered to the site and performed by our operators only.
What is the minimum rental order?
The minimum order is one change, ie 8 hours. The countdown starts from the arrival of the mechanism on the site and until the end of the work shift.
Do we have other special equipment?
Mixers, long drafts, dump trucks, excavators and other mechanisms required on the construction site.
Need help ?
Leave a request, our engineer will ask questions for calculation, and will consult you free of charge
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