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Excavator rental Lviv

Is there a need for special equipment in the fields of construction, agricultural or communal work in urban areas? Prestige Bud Style company offers excavator services in Lviv. Effectively digs, develops, loads, moves the soil, regardless of the amount of work. We provide equipment including driver and fuel.

Advantages of excavator service in Lviv

We offer our customers productive, versatile, fuel-efficient technical tools that will speed up the process of any project. Using the lease, you can perform a one-time amount of work, supplement your equipment with a missing or additional excavator. This allows you to save money, try the benefits of a particular technical tool, as well as make your business safer and more efficient.

The list of excavator tasks is extremely wide, such as lifting and moving loads, planning the area for construction, digging ditches, digging trenches, clearing a certain area of ​​snow, construction debris or bulk materials, and so on.

Prestige Bud Style company offers Lviv excavator services, which are available to private and corporate clients throughout the Lviv region. The team will help to cope with the most difficult tasks.

Types of special equipment offered:

- Multifunctional excavator CAT 318. The feature of this mechanism is a full-swivel cab, which increases its functionality and maneuverability, allows you to work without blind spots in hard to reach places or in limited space, dense buildings. Thanks to the wheelbase and modern hydraulic system, they move quickly (they can come to the site on their own and move freely on the work site.

- Wheel excavator Atlas 1304. The main task of this mechanism is deep digging. Its design with hydraulic boom, telescopic handle, three extension sections and grab makes it productive when operating any material in areas of varying complexity. The excavator has a large load capacity (unloading height reaches 285 cm, which allows you to move the soil on a dump truck), is able to develop dense soils, dig wells up to 16 meters deep.

- JCB 3CX backhoe loader. The technical means is universal, performs a wide range of work tasks. It consists of a telescopic structure on the rear boom, which moves to the right and left on the carriage relative to the tractor and the front bucket. It should be noted that the range of operation of the self-propelled machine can be expanded thanks to the hydraulic system to which the jackhammer or water pump is connected. The excavator is quite powerful, best suited for small excavation and loading and unloading operations.

If you have difficulty choosing the right machine, let us know and we will help you find the best solution by analyzing your needs. Call +380986947488.

Excavator rental Lviv:

- In order to apply for a full-turn excavator in Lviv, you need to leave a message on the website or contact us in person. Managers promptly process and send special equipment to the site.

- The price of the excavator, depending on the type, starts from UAH 800. Minimum order 8 hours (one shift). The working day is counted from the moment of arrival. The cost of fuel is included in the price.

- We provide delivery, relocation of equipment to facilities. We provide an experienced operator to operate the excavator.

So, you can rent an excavator in Lviv cheaply if you use our services. We offer equipment from only the best brands.

Why is it advantageous to rent an excavator in Lviv at Prestige Bud Style?

The availability of appropriate equipment has a decisive influence on the efficiency of work. By renting special equipment from us, you get high-quality comprehensive service and advice. We offer a large selection, value and quality.
Services of the Lviv excavator offer you the following conditions of cooperation:
- various options of equipment with the latest technologies that are suitable for your tasks.
- Our managers will help provide solutions for heavy equipment to help you overcome all problems in this area. Truck crane, excavator, grader, tractor, dump truck - all this you will find on our website.
- Maintenance and inspection of the machine by qualified technicians, especially before leaving the site.
- In addition to one-time, short-term work, we cooperate with our clients in the long run. We provide competitive agreements.
How to rent an excavator Lviv?
Call us at Prestige Bud Style, phone number +380986947488, we will provide you with the necessary advice and we will help you choose special equipment for your needs.
Is it possible to order special equipment without a machine operator?
No, all special equipment we provide is delivered to the site and performed by our operators only.
What is the minimum rental order?
The minimum order is one change, ie 8 hours. The countdown starts from the arrival of the mechanism on the site and until the end of the work shift.
Do we have other special equipment?
In addition to truck cranes, we can also rent other special equipment. Namely: graders, mixers, long drafts, dump trucks, excavators and other mechanisms that are needed on the construction site.
Need help ?
Leave a request, our engineer will ask questions for calculation, and will consult you free of charge
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