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Roller: smooth
Weight: 14t
The vibration function creates the effect of 20 tons

Ground roller services in Lviv

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Ground roller services in Lviv
Renting a soil roller in Lviv is a very important thing during earthworks, because after digging ditches and filling them up, it is important that the land is compacted and does not sag. And it is possible either to wait a year or two, or to order services of the Lviv skating rink. The roller performs the function of leveling, ramming and compaction. It is used for ramming of clay, soil, sand, gravel coverings. In soil rollers there is a function of vibration, for better compaction of the base. This feature can double the cat's weight. Renting a vibratory roller in Lviv will help you do a lot of work in a relatively short period of time.
The roller weighing 14 tons perfectly performs work on ramming of sand, soil and rubble up to 50 cm thick. The roller itself is quite agile, and together with a professional driver the work will be done quickly and efficiently. It should be noted that the STA 14 model has a vibrator, in which case the compaction will occur with such force as if the work was performed by a 25-ton roller.
If you want to get high-quality and inexpensive skating rink services in Lviv, call us at Prestige Bud Style, at +380986947488, we will provide you with the necessary advice and we will help you choose a crane for your needs.
Another functional subspecies of this model may be road rolling. Our roller has a smooth roller, which is much more practical than cam.

You can choose to rent a skating rink in Lviv to perform various works - from ramming the soil after laying pipes to leveling the site in car parks.

In addition to the service of the soil roller in Lviv, the company Prestige Bud Style, rents the services of a grader in Lviv, excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers and other special equipment needed to perform earthworks.
Prestige Bud Style also provides motor grader services in Lviv to carry out planning work on the road. Thanks to it it is possible to plan easily a basis under a paving. Perfectly levels the dirt road. Paired with a cat, you will get a great result.

What work can you do by ordering the services of a ground cat in Lviv?
soil compaction;
ramming of the base on the construction site;
Sealing the foundation for road construction.

In Prestige Bud Style you have the opportunity to order a vibrating roller rental in Lviv and the services of a Lviv motor grader.
Please note that the minimum order is one hour, ie 8 hours.

Why order roller and motor grader services in Prestige?
Order vibroroller services Lviv is an ideal opportunity for small and medium enterprises that do not have the opportunity to purchase new equipment. We have been on the market for 17 years. Many customers work with us on a regular basis, and therefore have their discounts. Among the benefits of working with us you will receive:
Prompt processing of your order and quick calculation of the cost of work and delivery of equipment on site
fast delivery of equipment to the construction site;
experienced drivers who regularly improve their skills
The biggest advantage of cooperation with PBS is its own fleet of construction equipment in Lviv. This means only that you can order from us all the equipment needed to perform various construction tasks. The main thing is that when fulfilling the order, we guarantee the proper quality of work. Experienced mechanics will be behind the wheel. They have a lot of experience. It is worth noting that all equipment passes all inspections, we also have all the necessary permits and documents for special equipment and drivers that confirm their qualifications.
How is the Lviv skating rink rented?
Call us at Prestige Bud Style, phone number +380986947488, we will provide you with the necessary advice and we will help you choose special equipment for your needs.
Is it possible to order special equipment without a machine operator?
No, all special equipment we provide is delivered to the site and performed by our operators only.
What is the minimum rental order?
The minimum order is one change, ie 8 hours. The countdown starts from the arrival of the mechanism on the site and until the end of the work shift.
Do we have other special equipment?
In addition to skating rinks, we can also rent other special equipment. Namely: graders, mixers, long drafts, dump trucks, excavators and other mechanisms that are needed on the construction site.
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