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Freight transportation in Lviv

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Freight transportation in Lviv and Lviv region

When you need to transport heavy objects, dimensional special equipment or other heavy loads, it is impossible to do without semi-trailers, called trawls. Given the high cost of such a machine, buying for multiple use will be impractical. That is why the company Prestige Bud Style offers rental of tractors and trawls.

Varieties of machines for oversized cargo

The main difference between trawl services in Lviv and other trucks is the lack of boards on the body. Modern cargo platforms can move products about 18 meters long and more than 3 meters wide. Today, such vehicles are divided into two major categories:
1. trailers for transportation of goods on public roads;
2. semi-trailers that allow you to transport goods off-road.
All types of platforms can be divided by their carrying capacity:
· Light (from 10 to 25 tons);
· Medium (from 25 to 25 tons);
· Heavy (from 45 to 100 tons);
· Overweight (over 100 tons).
Also, all these varieties are divided by type of trailer, one of them - trawl.
1. Classic. Such platforms are designed to transport containers, parts and structures of considerable length. Oversized products can be fixed to the main part of the body for safe transportation.
2. With reduced height and straight frame. Such trailers have a special suspension with low wheels. Traditionally, these machines are designed to transport oversized cargo, industrial equipment and tracked vehicles.
3. With reduced height and broken frame. Such machines are designed for transporting goods with non-standard heights, such as construction and special equipment for road works.
4. Modular trailers. They are a spatial frame in which the upper part acts as a loading platform. To transport heavier objects, they are equipped with 2-6 axles with small diameter wheels. Typically, such machines are equipped with a hydraulic system for raising / lowering the platform.
5. Folding trailers. Such platforms are a panel with a front or rear movable part. This special design allows you to carry larger loads.

When it is profitable to rent a trawl or tractor

Buying your own large transport vehicle is only profitable for large companies that often use such vehicles. But medium and small organizations to keep their fleet is simply unprofitable, especially if they are not profitable.
Maintaining the fleet is expensive. You need to buy a vehicle, allocate a parking space and a garage, as well as hire a driver and mechanic from the company's staff. In addition, you will need funds for the driver's salary, purchase of spare parts, gasoline, etc.
If you need a machine to transport large loads irregularly, the best way out of this situation is to rent a trawl or tractor. The cost of rent is much less than the daily maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle. At the same time you do not need to worry about the garage, purchase of spare parts, inspections and more.
Prestige Bud Style company offers services for renting tractors and trawls. The company's specialists will help you choose the best vehicle to do the job. The company's managers will also help to create the optimal route for cargo transportation within Lviv and the region. So you can not worry about the timing and integrity of the cargo.
Renting a trawl or tractor is quite an affordable service. Especially considering that in any case the rent will be much cheaper than buying your own car.
Where to order freight transportation services in Lviv and the region
Prestige Bud Style offers the lease of vehicles for the transportation of oversized cargo or special equipment that is prohibited from moving on public roads on its own. To order a truck, call the numbers listed on the website.
Our consultants will help you choose the most suitable car in size and power on other parameters. We consider each appeal individually, so we can guarantee quality and fast transportation of any cargo. Note that the price of renting a trawl or tractor already includes the cost of gasoline and driver's work. Agree, this is quite profitable, especially if you need to transport goods irregularly.
In addition to trawls and tractors, Prestige Bud Style offers rental of various special equipment for road and construction works. Excavators, dump trucks, concrete mixers and other machines are available to order. To select equipment, call the numbers listed on the website of the company Prestige Bud Style.
How much will it cost to rent a bulldozer in Lviv?
The price is calculated individually for each customer. However, it should be noted that the minimum cost per hour is 750 hryvnias. The car is provided only for the entire shift, which is 8 hours. Therefore, the minimum cost per shift will be 6,000 hryvnias. Note that the price includes the driver's work and fuel.
Is it possible to rent without a driver?
Rental of all our equipment, including dump trucks and tractors is possible only with our driver. The price includes work from the driver, you do not have to pay extra for the service.
Do you only provide shift / hourly rentals or is a long-term option possible?
There are enough units of equipment in our fleet. Call and we will consider possible options. Note in advance that the rent of the trawl, tractor and dump truck is paid for the walker.
How much does it cost to transport cargo?
Rental of a dump truck in Lviv starts from UAH 780 per hour, but the equipment is provided for at least 8 hours. Therefore, the cost of using the truck will start from UAH 6,240.
What is the minimum lease term?
You can order equipment only for the entire shift, ie for 8 hours. The time is counted from the moment the equipment arrives at the place of work.
Need help ?
Leave a request, our engineer will ask questions for calculation, and will consult you free of charge
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