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Dump trucks Maz.
Load capacity up to 20 tons.
Volume up to 16 m3.

Dump truck services in Lviv

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Dump truck services in Lviv and Lviv region

On the construction site can not do without large equipment for the delivery of building materials, removal of construction debris and soil. Dump truck rental in Lviv is a very popular service. The cost of using the machine depends on the load capacity and volume of the body, as well as the timing of the work. Dump trucks are needed at all stages of work: from preparation (removal of soil) to completion (removal of construction waste).

What services do dump trucks provide?

In Prestige Bud Style you can order services of the dump truck Lviv. Such machines will cope with any work when it is necessary to transport any materials. To do this, put a small car. We offer to rent a dump truck to perform the following tasks:

· Removal of sand, soil, construction debris, rubble, concrete residues;

· Removal of waste when digging a pit;

· Transportation of construction materials (backfill, earth, ravine sand, granite rubble).

To order dump truck services in Lviv means to deliver or take out cargo quickly and efficiently. Leased equipment will help to quickly deal with earthworks that precede construction or get rid of debris left after construction.

Long-term rental of a dump truck will allow you to save. It is not always advisable to spend money on special machines. In this case, the lease allows you to not break the deadlines and at the same time not to spend extra money. Especially considering that a dump truck may be needed once.

Another significant advantage of renting a dump truck is that the car comes with a driver. You do not need to look for a specialist who will handle the machine. Certified drivers working in Prestige Bud Style will cope with tasks of varying difficulty.

Rental of MAZ 20 tons dump truck Lviv and region

To begin with, we note that the rental price includes fuel and operator services. The cost of work is formed after acquaintance with the front of works. You can find out the exact cost after calling our specialists, the numbers are listed on the website.

The dump truck with a capacity of 20 tons will be able to cope with a variety of tasks - from transporting sand to garbage or even snow. The 20-ton dump truck is relatively compact, which means it is more maneuverable. Due to the three axles in the car excellent passability.

Renting a dump truck of 20 tons you will get many benefits:

· More favorable rental price and lower fuel consumption compared to larger cars;

· 20-ton machine has better passability;

· The dump truck of 20 tons can carry out works in the territory with limited space.

Dump trucks are not needed every day. Therefore, it is much cheaper to rent a car if necessary. Turning to Prestige Bud Style you will get a dump truck with an experienced driver. So in addition to money, save time looking for a specialist who will drive the car.

How to rent a 20-ton dump truck in Lviv and the region.

In Prestige Bud Style you can order a variety of special equipment, including dump trucks. Leased equipment will allow you to quickly and timely perform all planned work. When choosing special equipment for rent, you need to consider several factors:

· Possibility of arrival on the territory of performance of works;

· The ability of the machine to turn around;

· The amount of cargo to be removed or transported to the work site.

These factors will help you choose a powerful enough car. The procedure of renting equipment takes a minimum of time. All you need to do is contact the Prestige Bud Style manager and discuss the terms of use of the machine. Then at the specified time the car will arrive on a place of performance of works. It is difficult to say the exact cost at once. The cost is formed after reviewing future work. Before making a lease, discuss the following with your manager:

· In which district of Lviv or Lviv region the works will take place;

· How long the work will take, if it is difficult to calculate the time, you can name the amount of materials to be transported ;;

· Lease terms.

This is the minimum of factors that shape the final rental price of a dump truck. However, it should be noted that the rental price already includes the cost of fuel and the work of the driver-operator. Agree that hiring drivers will cost more. In addition, ordering a rented dump truck is one or more times much cheaper than buying your own car. Prestige Bud Style rents special equipment for construction work of various levels of complexity. To order a car and check the cost of the service, call the numbers listed on our website.

How to get a dump truck in Lviv?
Call us at Prestige Bud Style, phone number +380986947488, we will provide you with the necessary advice and we will help you choose special equipment for your needs.
Is it possible to order special equipment without a machine operator?
No, all special equipment we provide is delivered to the site and performed by our operators only.
What is the minimum rental order?
The minimum order is one change, ie 8 hours. The countdown starts from the arrival of the mechanism on the site and until the end of the work shift.
Do we have other special equipment?
In addition to dump trucks, we can also rent other special equipment. Namely: graders, mixers, long drafts, dump trucks, excavators and other mechanisms that are needed on the construction site.
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